Links & Resources

Helpful Websites

  • For identifying birds in the field, I use the mobile app Merlin Bird ID.
  • BugGuide - Entomologists assisting with identifying insects (bugs).
  • iNaturalist - Helpful community to find id of species.
  • Butterflies Quebec - List of all butterflies in Quebec.
  • Wikipedia - Resource for taxonomy and common names of species.

Sharing Photos & Videos

  • Unsplash - Sharing my favourite photos.
  • Facebook - Collections of selected photos with comments.
  • YouTube - Video recordings, slideshows and live stream (coming soon).

Friends & Family

On Our Own Behalf

  • simaec.net - Web site development, data science and photography for small businesses.
  • Muuuh - My Journey to Become a Nature Photographer.
  • Discovery Mexico - Mexico Reservations and Travel Guide. [es]