Park de la Frayère

A natural park popular for birdwatching, located along a river and consists of one large and two smaller ponds.

How to Get Here

It is located North of Boucherville and a hassle to get there by public transportation. There is a bus line (RTL #81) that may drop you or pick you up about half a kilometer away from the park. My preferred way to get there is by bike taking advantage of the well maintained bike path along the river from Longueuil up to the park.

What to See Here?





About Location

This park is located in Boucherville, Quebec, Canada

Boucherville is a small town North of Longueuil, located on the shores of Lawrence River. A ferry leaves from Boucherville and crosses the river to the National Park of Boucherville Island. Boucherville has about 50’000 habitants. It is considered a suburban area for Longueuil and Montreal.