American Black Duck (Anas rubripes)

This species is a large dabbling duck somehow resembling the female Mallard in coloration but has a darker plumage. Male and female are similar in appearance. It is an endemic species of North-America, usually found in coastal marshlands and freshwaters.

How to Identify

The similarity with Mallard makes it difficult to identify this species. A distinctive mark is the lack of a white line between the wing’s blue posterior part and the brown anterior part. It is also less common than Mallard around Montreal.

Where and When to Spot

The only time I was sure about the identification of this species was with the couple I observed in a pond in the National Park Mont Saint Bruno.

Common Names

American Black Duck

Dunkelente (de)
Ánade sombrío (es)
Canard noir (fr)


Anas rubripes

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