Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)

The largest heron found along the St. Lawrence River and lakes near Montreal. When not resting, the bird either stands still in the water or moves slowly along the shores searching for frogs, snakes or fishes to catch.

How to Identify

It's the largest heron seen in Montreal. Mostly grey with some white along the head. It can be easily distinguished from the slightly smaller heron, the Great Egret which is completely white.

Where and When to Spot

Usually found moving slowly within the reed, or it stands on wood trunks or stones in flowing water. Can be seen from early spring to late autumn as long as the shores of river and lakes are not frozen. Migrates South late autumn.


Common Names

Great Blue Heron

Kanadareiher (de)
Garza Azulada (es)
Grand Héron (fr)


Ardea herodias