Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis)

In the winter, the most colorful bird that can be found in woods and forests around Montreal. Northern Cardinal usually appears as couple. If you spot a male the female is not for away.

How to Identify

Both, male and female are easily identified. The male is completely red, the female brownish, light brown almost yellow on the breast, darker almost olive on the back and with partially red wings. Both have a black mask around the reddish beak.

Where and When to Spot

There is no park where I haven’t seen Northern Cardinals. Early in the morning, the male exposes himself by sitting on branch and perform his chant. Due to its intensive red color easily to spot. The female may not be for away, somewhere hidden in the bushes at lower ground.


Common Names

Northern Cardinal

Rotkardinal (de)
Cardenal norteño (es)
Cardinal rouge (fr)


Cardinalis cardinalis