Herring Gull (Larus argentatus)

Smaller gull, less frequent than the common, very similar Ring-billed gull. Herring gull can be observed within flocks of Ring-billed gulls.

How to Identify

Although very similar to the Ring-billed gull, the Herring gull can be identified by its red spot on the beak. Size may be another hint as the Herring gull loves to be in flocks of Ring-billed gulls which are smaller.

Where and When to Spot

Less common, can be spotted all year long along rivers. I usually see them at Rapids Park Lachine in resting flocks of gulls on elevations within the river.

Common Names

Herring Gull

Amerikanische Silbermöwe (de)
Gaviota argéntea (es)
Goéland argenté (fr)


Larus argentatus

Similar Species