Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis)

Frequent species seen in all parks in and around Montreal all year long. Not very shy, frequently begging for food. Don't feed wild animals!

How to Identify

Distinguishable from the other squirrel species due to the fur color which usually is grey on the back. Two variants can be observed, the not uncommon dark variant with a dark brown almost black fur and the white variant which is very rare. Note that the white variant is not an albino.

Where and When to Spot

Eastern Grey Squirrel can be observed almost everywhere, in all parks in and around Montreal. Even long the streets in between parks.

Common Names

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Grauhörnchen (de)
Ardilla de las Carolinas (es)
Écureuil gris (fr)


Sciurus carolinensis