Green Frog (Lithobates clamitans)

A mid-sized species of frog native to the eastern part of Canada. It lives near shallow ponds, lakes, rivers and swamps, mostly in the water.

How To Identify

Green frogs look very similar to Bullfrogs. I identify green frogs by looking at the crest which starts behind the eyes and which runs in case of the Green frogs along the side until the end of the back.

Where and When to Spot

Can be seen from spring to autumn near water although difficult to spot outside of the mating season in spring when you can find them following their calls. I saw my first Green frog in Park Boisé des Douzes, St. Hyacinthe.

Common Names

Grüner Frosch [de]
Green Frog [en]
Rana verde [es]
Grenouille verte [fr]


Lithobates clamitans

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