American Bullfrog (Rana Catesbeiana)

The American Bullfrog is native to North America. During mating season, May to July, the presence of bullfrogs in a pond or lake can be heard from some distance as male bullfrogs are acoustically very active during mating season.

How To Identify

On first sight, a bullfrog and green frog are not easy to distinguish. I look at the crest starting above the eye and extending around the eardrum leading to the front legs. In case of a green frog, this crest leads along the back to the back legs.

Where and When to Spot

In ponds around Montreal late spring till early autumn. I see them more rarely than green frogs, usually I spot them staying still in the shallow water in reed along the shore of a pond.


Photos of this species with information about where, when the photo has been taken; camera, lens used and camera settings.

  • Parc des Prairies

    Monday, June 24, 2019

    NIKON D500
    90.0 mm f/2.8

    Focal Length 90mm
    Shutter Speed 1/1000s
    Aperture f3.3
    ISO 180

  • Île Bizard

    Sunday, September 7, 2014

    Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
    4.3-215.0 mm

    Focal Length 215mm
    Shutter Speed 1/125s
    Aperture f6.5
    ISO 800


Videos are published in Fauna Flora's YouTube channel.