Cooper's Hawk (Accipiter striatus)

A medium-sized hawk native to the Montreal area. Can be observed all year long in different parks. Difficult to spot as this species prefers to sit quietly on lower branches of trees looking out for prey.

How To Identify

Difficult to identify with certainty as the Sharp-shinned Hawk looks very similar. Shape and proportion of head and the square end of tail feathers while sitting are distinctive characteristics.

Where and When to Spot

All year around although less frequent in winter. Best time of the year to spot this species is in April when the lack of foliage provides better view in forests. Look out for lower branches of trees.

Common Names

Rundschwanzsperber [de]
Cooper's Hawk [en]
Gavilán de Cooper [es]
Épervier de Cooper [fr]


Accipiter striatus

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