Wood Duck (Aix sponsa)

Mid-sized migratory duck able to perch on trees. Males have colorful feathers and the species used to be hunted for its feathers leading almost to extinction in early 20th Century.

How To Identify

Males colorful feathers around the head are unique and allow identification. Females have a yellow ring around the eyes surrounded by white ring of feathers. Both have a red washed out beak with a black tip.

Where and When to Spot

Wood Duck is a migratory bird spending winter in southern areas in the USA. While staying around Montreal, the species can be observed on ponds in forest areas. My favorite spot to watch this bird is Parc de Prairies during Spring.

Common Names

Brautente [de]
Wood Duck [en]
Pato joyuyo [es]
Canard branchu [fr]


Aix sponsa

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