Northern Flicker (Colaptes auratus)

Common bird seen in many parks around Montreal and the only migratory woodpecker. Diet depends mostly on insects. Males can be identified by its black bars on each side of the head and breast.

How To Identify

Northern Flicker is grey brown with horizontal dark stripes on the back and a red bar on the back of the head. When flying, they display the in German and French name giving yellow color below the wings.

Where and When to Spot

In parks around Montreal from mid-spring till autumn. Although reported feeding on the ground, I never was able to observe this behavior. Usually, I spot them in the upper section of large trees.

Common Names

Goldspecht [de]
Northern Flicker [en]
Carpintero escapulario [es]
Pic flamboyant [fr]


Colaptes auratus

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