Ruby-crowned Kinglet (Regulus calendula)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet is a very small migratory songbird feeding mostly on insects. It has mostly olive-green plumage with a white ring around the eyes. Males have a red crown which usually is concealed.

How To Identify

Olive-green plumage, a white stripe on the wings amd a white ring around each eye. Male have additionally to these characteristics a red crown which can be concealed though.

Where and When to Spot

I made different observations of this species in Spring (May) in Tadoussac. I haven't seen the species at other places yet.

Common Names

Rubingoldhähnchen [de]
Ruby-crowned Kinglet [en]
Reyezuelo rubí [es]
Roitelet à couronne rubis [fr]


Regulus calendula

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