Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus tyrannus)

A large flycatcher seen often flying over o near large ponds and along the river. The bird displays a beautiful white on black pattern on the end of the tail wings when flying.

How To Identify

All the birds back from head to the tip of the tail wing is dark grey. The tips of the tail wing feathers are white. The under part of the bird is light grey.

Where and When to Spot

Late Spring, Summer and early Autumn in parks with ponds or along the river. It is a migratory bird and has left the Montreal area during the cold season. Can be observed sitting in the higher branches of trees or flying above the ground and water surface looking for prey.

Common Names

Königstyrann [de]
Eastern Kingbird [en]
Pitirre americano [es]
Tyran tritri [fr]


Tyrannus tyrannus

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