Beluga Whale (Delphinapterus leucas)

A small, toothed whale, completely white and without dorsal fin. Used to arctic and sub-arctic conditions. They are slow swimmers and prefer to form groups up to 10 animals.

How To Identify

The only completely white whale. Size, color, melon-shaped head and lack of dorsal fin are distinctive characteristics.

Where and When to Spot

I saw this whale species on both trips to Tadoussac.


Photos of this species with information about where, when the photo has been taken; camera, lens used and camera settings.

  • Tadoussac

    Wednesday, May 23, 2018

    NIKON D500
    300.0 mm f/4.0

    Focal Length 420mm
    Shutter Speed 1/800s
    Aperture f5.6
    ISO 100

Common Names

Weißwal [de]
Beluga Whale [en]
Beluga [es]
Béluga [fr]


Delphinapterus leucas