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Groundhog (Marmota manox)

A common, larger rodent, hibernates and can be seen only after the last snow has gone and spring arrived. Groundhogs are used to civilization and build their burrows near houses.

How To Identify

Around Montreal, there are no similar species like Hoary Marmot, Yellow-bellied Marmot or Vancouver Island Marmot, so that identification of this species is simple.

Where and When to Spot

I saw Groundhogs in almost every park around Montreal. Morning and late afternoon, look out for patches of meadows where they like to feed. Although, living close to houses, they will run into the burrow when you get close.

Common Names

Waldmurmeltier [de]
Groundhog [en]
Marmota canadiense [es]
Marmotte commune [fr]


Marmota monax

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