Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)

One of the most widely distributed carnivora, increasing range along human expansion. Ability to adapt quickly to new situations. Eats mostly small rodents but also rabbits, birds, reptiles and young deers. Montreal area fox population descended from the original wave of immigration over 400'000 years ago.

How To Identify

We are all familiar with this species and it is identified due to its shape and color easily. Although there are atypical colorations, those are rarely observed.

Where and When to Spot

The fox family, I was able to watch, is located on Île Saint Bernard. I also saw reports from frequent fox observations in Montreal Botanical Garden.

Common Names

Rotfuchs [de]
Red Fox [en]
Zorro Rojo [es]
Renard Roux [fr]


Vulpes vulpes

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