Great Black-backed Gull

Largest of the gulls seen around Montreal. Shows up usually as single bird at parks.

How to Identify?

Identifiable by the dark grey back and red point on the yellow beak. Larger than the more common Ring-billed gull which as a light grey back and black ring around the beak.

We combine physical characterics and behavior patterns with location and seasonal aspects to identify species.

Where & When to Spot?

I see this bird all year around except winter. Usually sitting on a rock surrounded by water. I haven't seen this species within flocks of other gulls.

With each photo, we store date and geo-location providing us data about location and season of observation. We also use a tracking utility to save observations in the field when there was no opportunity to take a good shot.

Anything to add, to correct?

Common Names

Mantelmöwe [de]
Great Black-backed Gull [en]
Gavión atlántico [es]
Goéland marin [fr]

Source: Wikipedia

Scientific Name

Larus marinus


great black-backed gull, birds, larus, larus marinus, shorebirds, gulls

Similar Species

Herring Gull
Ring-billed Gull