Painted Lady

The Painted Lady is one of the most widespread butterflies, except Australia, South America and Antarctica, and can be spotted usually in warmer areas but migrates North in Spring. Migration patterns are erratic, so that the species doesn’t appear abundantly every year in the Montreal area.

How to Identify?

To identify this species, a ventral view is necessary as the series of smaller spots on the hindwing is a distinguishable characteristics if compared with similar species like the American Lady..

We combine physical characterics and behavior patterns with location and seasonal aspects to identify species.

Where & When to Spot?

They appear in waves, passing through an area on their migratory pathways, but not regularly every year. I observed them in autumn 2017 in Rapids Park Lachine. You may want to subscribe to our Facebook page. I will notify when I see them.

With each photo, we store date and geo-location providing us data about location and season of observation. We also use a tracking utility to save observations in the field when there was no opportunity to take a good shot.

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K.H. Muller

Quite useless picture if you want to id your own observation. I will look for a better shot.

Posted in montreal - CA at 2017-10-14 17:26:25

Anything to add, to correct?

Common Names

Distelfalter [de]
Painted Lady [en]
Vanesa de los cardos [es]
Belle-Dame, Vanesse des chardons [fr]

Source: Wikipedia

Scientific Name

Vanessa cardui


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