Beluga Whale

A small, toothed whale, completely white and without dorsal fin. Used to arctic and sub-arctic conditions. They are slow swimmers and prefer to form groups up to 10 animals.

How to Identify?

The only completely white whale. Size, color, melon-shaped head and lack of dorsal fin are distinctive characteristics.

We combine physical characterics and behavior patterns with location and seasonal aspects to identify species.

Where & When to Spot?

I saw this whale species on both trips to Tadoussac.

With each photo, we store date and geo-location providing us data about location and season of observation. We also use a tracking utility to save observations in the field when there was no opportunity to take a good shot.

Anything to add, to correct?

Common Names

Weißwal [de]
Beluga Whale [en]
Beluga [es]
Béluga [fr]

Source: Wikipedia

Scientific Name

Delphinapterus leucas


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