Common Garter Snake

The most frequently seen snake around Montreal. About half to a meter long and not poisonous.

How to Identify?

Greenish with yellow stripes. As there are not many different snakes in Canada, not difficult to identify.

We combine physical characterics and behavior patterns with location and seasonal aspects to identify species.

Where & When to Spot?

I saw this species twice on my explorative walks through the parks in Montreal and both times in Park Angrignon, spring, in the forest area.

With each photo, we store date and geo-location providing us data about location and season of observation. We also use a tracking utility to save observations in the field when there was no opportunity to take a good shot.

Anything to add, to correct?

Common Names

Gewöhnliche Strumpfbandnatter [de]
Common Garter Snake [en]
Serpiente de jarretera, Culebra rayada [es]
Couleuvre rayée [fr]

Source: Wikipedia

Scientific Name

Thamnophis sirtalis


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