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faunaflora.photography lists and describes with text, photos and videos species identified in parks in and around Montreal, Quebec's North Coast and Newfoundland.

The website provides a tool which allows you to search for species. You can either search by name or characteristics.

Entering "Bullfrog" will list you all species which have "Bullfrog" in the name. You also can search with the latin name of genus or species. E.g. "rana" or "rana catesbeiana".

You can search for group of animals like "whales" or "butterflies" and narrowing down your search by extending the initial search e.g. "flowers" with a characteristic e.g. "flowers yellow".

The search will never show more than 30 entries. For some searches e.g. "birds" you may have to narrow down or use a more specific search term e.g. "woodpeckers".

Details Species

The primary purpose of the page with details about a species is to provide you with cues which should allow you to identify the species in the field yourself.

Each species is presented with a short description, identification cues and information about when and where you may expect to be able to spot the species. Further we publish date and location of up to the 10 last occurrences when we spotted the species in the field. Finally, we show all photos taken of the species and, if available, video recordings of behavioural traits.


faunaflora.photography is privately owned. We publish advertisement to earn some income necessary to pay for hosting and photography gear. Associated with this website, muuuh.com is another channel where we publish more information about nature and wildlife photography.

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