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Quidi Vidi Harbour, Newfoundland

Quidi Vidi Harbor is located North of St. John’s, a short walk downhill from Signal Hill. It offers spectacular landscapes, is host of thousands of birds on cliffs and with a bit luck you may spot bald eagles and ospreys.

How to Get Here

From St. John’s downtown walk either up to Signal Hill or directly to Quidi Vidi Harbor along Quidi Vidi Lake. Once arrived you have different options. In front of the harbour is a small spot where you can watch birds hunting in the bay. More up to the right, you can get closer to cliffs to see bird colonies or eagles flying by. Further up you have two ponds which are foraging grounds for different waterfowl species.

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What to See Here

You definitively will see many different shorebirds either foraging on the beach or soaring over the waves. With a bit of luck you may spot whales swimming along the shore or Bald Eagles and Ospreys perched on the trees.

Photos of Quidi Vidi Harbour

Quidi Vidi Harbour - Quidi Vidi Harbour - 2017-08-12

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