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Bufflehead Bucephala albeola

A small sea duck only passing the Montreal area from their winter habitat, protected coastal or inland waters to the breeding areas in the tundra and boreal forests. This species dives for food which mostly consists of aquatic insects, crustacean and mollusks.


Aves > Anseriformes > Anatidae

Names in different Languages

FrenchPetit Garrot
SpanishPorrón coronado

How to Identify

A beautiful bird. The male has colorful feathers front of the head and a large white patch on the back male. Females brownish, dark grey on the back and light grey breast and belly with a white patch on the cheek.

Where When to Spot

I saw this species only during a short period of time in early April in Rapids Park Lachine.

Parc Angrignon 1 0 0 0
Parc de la Frayère 2 0 0 0
Parc des Rapides 2 0 0 0
  5 0 0 0

Number of times a species has been observed, identified, and recorded. A species is reported only once per visit to a park.

Photos of Bufflehead

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