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Black Scoter, American Scoter Melanitta americana

Black Scoter, American Scoter Melanitta americana

Aves > Anseriformes > Anatidae

Names in different Languages

GermanMelanitta americana
EnglishBlack Scoter, American Scoter
FrenchMacreuse noire, Macreuse américaine
SpanishNegrón americano


A large sea duck, characterised by its bulky shape and large bill. The species breeds in the far North of Canada, in Labrador and Newfoundland and migrates into more moderate regions South. Dives for crustacean and mollusks.

How to Identify

Drake is completely black with a bulky yellow beak. Female is brown with pale cheeks.

Where When to Spot

I observed this species in May at the coast in Tadoussac.