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Semipalmated Sandpiper Calidris pusilla

Semipalmated Sandpiper Calidris pusilla

Aves > Charadriiformes > Scolopacidae

Names in different Languages

EnglishSemipalmated Sandpiper
FrenchBécasseau semipalmé
SpanishCorrelimos semipalmeado


A small shorebird, breeding in Canada. These birds forage on mudflats, picking up aquatic insects and crustaceans. This species is a long distance migrant, wintering in coastal South America.

How to Identify

This species is in appearance very similar to Least Sandpiper. A distinguished characteristic is the color of the legs which are black.

Where When to Spot

The only time I spotted this species happened in Flatrock, Newfoundland.



2017-08-14Flatrock Cave