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Greater Yellowlegs Tringa melanoleuca

Large North-American shorebird with a long, slightly upwards curved beak. It is a migratory bird spending only summer in the Southern part of Canada. These birds forage in shallow water eating insects, small fishes, crustacean and marine worms.



Common Names

GermanGroßer Gelbschenkel
EnglishGreater Yellowlegs
FrenchGrand Chevalier
SpanishPitotoy grande


SpeciesTringa melanoleuca

How to Identify

This species is similar in appearance to Lesser Yellowlegs. A distinctive feature is the long slightly upwards curved beak.

Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) - Tadoussac - 2021-08-21
Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) - Quidi Vidi Harbour - 2017-08-16
Greater Yellowlegs (Tringa melanoleuca) - Tadoussac - 2013-08-17

Where and When to Spot

So far, I spotted this species in Newfoundland and Tadoussac but not around Montreal.

Last updated on 2024-03-14. Written and regularly updated by Karl-Heinz Müller, Dipl. Natw. ETH, Biology. With 10 years of experience in wildlife photography, Karl-Heinz shares first-hand, on-site collected observations, photos and videos from his frequent visits to parks in the Montreal area.