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Cedar Waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum

Cedar Waxwing Bombycilla cedrorum

Aves > Passeriformes > Bombycillidae

Names in different Languages

EnglishCedar Waxwing
FrenchJaseur d'Amérique
SpanishAmpelis americano


A migratory bird breeding in Southern Canada and wintering in Southern USA. This mid-sized bird usually eats berries and fruits and prefers being in small flocks.

How to Identify

Very similar to the Bohemian Waxwing. The green belly is the main distinctive characteristic.

Where When to Spot

Late spring and summer in forests in all major parks in Montreal.



2022-06-04Jardin Botanique de Montréal
2022-05-01Parc Nature Pointe aux Prairies
2019-09-01Parc Angrignon
2019-08-04Parc Île-de-la-Visitation
2014-07-12Parc Îles-de-Boucherville