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Yellow-rumped Warbler Setophaga coronata

Yellow-rumped Warbler Setophaga coronata

Aves > Passeriformes > Parulidae

Names in different Languages

EnglishYellow-rumped Warbler
FrenchParuline à croupion jaune
SpanishReinita coronada


A common small warbler migrating South in winter. Cute looking bird with bright yellow spots on else grey, white feathers.

How to Identify

Small bird with yellow throat, yellow patch on head and on each side (male), and another yellow spot on the back (both male and female). Feathers else are black, grey and brown.

Where When to Spot

In bushes and trees in more remote parks with conifers or mixed forests. Arrives in Spring. Park Pointe-aux-Prairies may be a good place to spot this species



2022-05-01Parc Nature Pointe aux Prairies
2016-10-15Parc des Rapides