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Eastern Phoebe Sayornis phoebe

Eastern Phoebe Sayornis phoebe

Aves > Passeriformes > Tyrannidae

A small insectivorous bird found in open woodland and farmland near water. It often perches along rivers, ponds or lakes and dives for insects picked up in flight. It is a migratory bird and arrives in the Montreal area in late May.

Ringless eyes, the proportionally large head and the dark bill are distinguishable characteristics from other flycatchers.

Park de la Frayere and Park Pointe aux Prairies are locations I have been able to observe this species well.

Parc Nature Pointe aux Prairies2020-06-07
Parc Nature Pointe aux Prairies2019-05-06
Parc de la Frayère, Boucherville2017-06-10