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Canada Goldenrod Solidago canadensis

Canada Goldenrod Solidago canadensis

Flores > Asterales > Asteraceae

Names in different Languages

GermanKanadische Goldrute
EnglishCanada Goldenrod
FrenchVerge d'or du Canada, Solidage du Canada
SpanishVara de Oro de Canadá


Canada Goldenrod is native to Northeastern North America forming colonies of tall plants with small yellow flowers. Found in a variety of habitats from very dry locations to waterlogged ones. The species is known to be very aggressive forming monocultures and near-monocultures and it is resistant to winter temperatures.

How to Identify

Tall plant with many small, yellow flowers on the upper branches. The linear shaped leaves are arranged alternatively on the stems.

Where When to Spot

A common plant found in all parks around Montreal.




Champ des Possibles, Montreal2020-08-15