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Red Clover Trifolium pratense

Red Clover Trifolium pratense

Flores > Fabales > Fabaceae

Names in different Languages

EnglishRed Clover
FrenchTrèfle des prés, Trèfle violet
SpanishTrébol violeta, Trébol rojo


A common violet or white flower, introduced species, found in many naturally grown meadows and along pathways in parks around Montreal. Blooms summer and fall.

How to Identify

Similar to other clover species. To identify this species look at the leaflets origin and arrangement in regards to the flower, the globose arrangement of violet florets. The leaflets branch near the flower. Florets colour is uniform violet or white and branch of nearest leaflets of the flower is very close.

Where When to Spot

During summer and fall in any of the parks around Montreal with natural meadows. This flower is an introduced species in North-America.



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