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Red Trillium Trillium erectum

Red Trillium Trillium erectum

Flores > Liliales > Melanthiaceae

Names in different Languages

GermanRote Waldlilie
EnglishRed Trillium
FrenchTrille rouge
SpanishLirio de Bosque Rojo


A red flower with three petals and three supporting leaves, growing in forest floors, flowering in spring and native to Quebec.

How to Identify

Three red, purple petals alternated by three green leaves (bracts). There is a white morph which looks very similar to Large White Trillium. If you spot a the white morph look at arrangement and form of stamens and pistils.

Where When to Spot

I see this flower late April and May on the forest floor in Park Angrignon.



2019-05-08Parc Angrignon