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Coyote Canis latrans

Coyote Canis latrans

Mammalia > Carnivora > Canidae

The coyote, a canine, smaller than its closest relative the wolf, is native to North America and actually can be seen on Montreal Island in the North and South although I never saw one here.

This animal may be mistaken as a fox, wolf or as a member of certain dog races. The coyote is actually a quite large animal and clearly distinguishable from fox in size and I am not aware of wolves living close to Montreal. The individual I saw near Granby first gave me the impression to be a dog but as it got closer, shape of body, head and ears told me different.

In spite of having been reported in the South and North of Montreal Island, I only saw an individual near Granby. I will take some serious efforts though to spot coyotes here in Montreal and add photos later on keeping in mind that coyotes are predators and it is reasonable to keep a safe distance.