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Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Sylvilagus floridanus

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Sylvilagus floridanus

Mammalia > Lagomorpha > Leporidae

Names in different Languages

GermanBaumwollschwanz-Kaninchen, Florida-Waldkaninchen
EnglishEastern Cottontail Rabbit
FrenchLapin à queue blanche
SpanishConejo castellano, Conejo de Florida


Brownish, speckled fur with a short white tail, hence its name “Cottontail”. Eastern Cottontail rabbits are very shy and prefer to hide.

How to Identify

Although common on the Island of Montreal, they are difficult to spot. The only time I saw this species was near the airport along a rarely used pathway leading into an undeveloped area. Look for them along bushes and forests into open areas.

Where When to Spot

The only wild rabbits I saw around Montréal are the eastern cottontail rabbits. I will update this section once I have spotted another species.



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