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Eastern Comma Polygonia comma

Eastern Comma Polygonia comma

Papilionibus > Lepidoptera > Nymphalidae

Names in different Languages

GermanPolygonia Comma
EnglishEastern Comma
FrenchPolygone virgule
SpanishPolygonia Comma


Large butterfly endemic in eastern Canada and one of the first butterflies that can be spotted in the spring. Unlike other butterflies, this species doesn’t visit flowers. It feeds on tree sap and rotting fruits.

How to Identify

To identify this species check the three dots in a row on the forewings.

Where When to Spot

I spot this species usually early spring (april) feeding on sap of trees or along creeks formed by melting snow and ice.



2022-04-15Parc Nature Pointe aux Prairies
2016-04-17Parc Angrignon