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Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes

Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes

Aves > Charadriiformes > Scolopacidae

Names in different Languages

GermanKleiner Gelbschenkel
EnglishLesser Yellowlegs
FrenchPetit Chevalier
SpanishPitotoy chico


A medium-sized shorebird breeding at clearings near ponds in the boreal forest from Alaska to Quebec. The species forages in shallow waters, eating insects, small fish and crustaceans. In winter the bird migrates South to the gulf of Mexico and South America.

How to Identify

The species is similar in appearance to the Greater Yellowlegs, both having yellow legs but the beak of this species is shorter (about the same length as the head) and uniformly dark.

Where When to Spot

I spotted this species only in May in Tadoussac.